A Seamless,

Pre-screening and eligibility identification that puts patients first.

PAR (Patient Account Resolution)

Haase + Long can handle your accounts recievable needs as well as administer effective payment plans for your medical care facility.

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Traditional Recovery

As a last resort, Haase + Long can act as a highly effective collections agency ensuring payment.

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MAP (Medical Assistance Program)

Pre Screening & Financial Counseling

  • We carefully develop comprehensive patient financial profiles
  • We establish every potential revenue source*
  • Our technology makes it easy for you to access and review screening information
  • We work with you to create effective solutions and maximize revenue

Eligibility Identification & Enrollment

  • We identify and pursue every possible revenue source, along with community and public benefits
  • We carefully monitor each potential benefit to resolution
  • We guarantee approval for eligible patients and use your policies to complete the entire charity or discounting process for those who aren’t eligible

PAR (Patient Account Resolution)

Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable Management

  • We offer AR resolution services, out-of-state Medicaid billing and MMA Section 1011 billing
  • We can easily credential and bill Medicaid in any state
  • We process the claims and ensure proper payment

Payment Plan Administration

  • Our comprehensive information determines the most appropriate payment plan for each patient
  • Based on your parameters, payment plans are created and monitored by our staff
  • Solutions are seamlessly integrated, so patients feel they are dealing directly with the medical provider
  • Payments are made directly to the hospital

Traditional Recovery

  • As a last resort, we provide professional, diligent debt collection with a focus on compassion and creative solutions
  • The number of accounts placed in collections is much lower than traditional self-pay methodologies
  • Our solution-based approach is appreciated by patients and creates an even greater incentive to resolve the account

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