A Human-Lead Approach.

What does success look like?

We ask this question of all clients. If you don’t know what success looks like, we can help you to define this goal, and then we can help you get there.

For Physician Clinics

By handling your recovery efforts as a fully integrated team, we can help earlier in the revenue cycle at a lower cost to you than traditional recovery solutions. Gone are the days of sending the oldest and most hopeless accounts to a collection agency. We are helping from the beginning to insure that patients understand what their insurance paid, and - more importantly - what their insurance didn’t pay. We set up their payments and administer any plans that need to be made.

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For the Billing Office

Need to fill a coder’s position while you find the right one? Reach out to us for short term projects like this and A/R clean ups. We are also happy to partner with you long term to insure that your billing runs smoothly.

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For the Hospital

Our workflow software can integrate with your system via an HL7 connection. Are you interested in using our software to manage specific financial classes internally and would like to outsource other financial classes to H+L and/or others? We can do that. Our financial assessment tool is available on a tablet so getting bedside with your patients for these private conversations is comfortable. Do you need a team in your hospital or do you want an extension of your business office in Kansas? We ensure that all uninsured patients complete financial assistance applications, and it is documented for further use when calculating charity. Behavioral Health, Homeless and Immigrant populations always add levels of complexity that our staff are prepared to provide the most help in the best way short term and hopefully longer term.

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Looking for a speaker or educator on these topics?

Haase+Long is available to provide educational talks or workshops on the changing face of medical finance. We are experts in the region on the Affordable Care Act, the Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicaid. We’re always excited to share that knowledge with others.

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